Gelatinisation of starch

Food and Nutrition GCSE has an Investigation NEA which could be

Investigate the ingredients used to thicken sauces and soups

This is how I do it:
Think what ingredients are used to thicken sauces and soups and which starch is best for recipes.

White sauce, Tomato sauce or soup, Fruit sauce…

Starchy ingredients thicken sauces when they are heated in liquid.

So test some starches:
Rice starch, cornflour, plain flour, arrowroot, potato flour … you choose.

Create a FAIR TEST. Mix the same amount of starch (10g) with the same amount of water (100ml).

Heat each one in the microwave and look every 20 seconds, stir and remove when it is thick.

Taste and test each one.

Use the Star Profile on the Nutrition Program to show your results:

First list the starches, then choose Descriptors – words to describe the results – thick, creamy, clear, glossy, tasty …

Different starches and gelatinisation

Different starches and gelatinisation

This star profile from Nutrition Program shows tasting results

This star profile shows tasting results

Fill in your tasting results:-

This star from Nutrition Program shows the results

This star shows the results for the starches


This star shows the evaluations of gelatinisation

This star from the Nutrition Program shows the evaluations of gelatinisation

These are the final results of the starch test.

These are the final results of the starch test presented using The Nutrition Program.





Food Science You Can Eat – Powerpoint

Food Science PowerpointCreated for the Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE 2016

The basics – means I’ve stripped things back to essential information – a quick way to learn!

What do you need to know? Food Science Equipment, Key words for food science

Caramel, Dextrin, Gelatinisation, Enzymic browning, Protein coagulation, Eggs and coagulation, Eggs and foams, Eggs and emulsions, Gluten, Raising agents, Raising agents – chemical, Raising agents – yeast, Raising agents – choux buns, Pastry – shortening and plasticity, Acid denature, Yogurt, Cooking food, Do you know? – a few questions, Useful websites

Available on Ridgwell Press website.



Gelatinisation – use our instant, cold water swelling starch

Show your students gelatinisation with our instant, cold water swelling starch. Mix it with juices such as cranberry, orange and apple juice and watch it thicken.

gelatinisationHow does this work?
The starch is used by the food industry and has been precooked so that it gelatinises instantly when mixed into liquid.

The food industry uses it to thicken tomato juice to make passata, and apple juice to make apple sauce. The starch also adds pulpiness and improves mouthfeel.

You can invent thickened fruit juices, mix it with mix or yogurt and see how it gelatinises instantly when mixed with a liquid of your choice.

In the food industry this saves heating and mixing to make sauces, and so saves costs.

Wish it was available for the rest of us to use! Jenny Ridgwell

Please note – the sample is labelled ‘don’t eat’. This is because it was packed in a kitchen but not in a food regulated place. As a non edible sample, it does not have to comply with food labelling regulations which specify best before date, detailed labelling and ingredients list  but the large pack will be packed so that it can be tasted and provide all this information. The sample is packed in food safe polythene.

Best wishes Jenny