Protein and Vegan meals

This is the Reference Intake used for energy and nutrients for adults.

You can use the Nutrition Program to test the protein content of your vegan meals and see how to improve the meal.

The Nutrition Program has Reference Intake (RI) values used on food labels to show how a product or meal meets the RI value of 50g of protein a day.

In My Meals the Nutrition Program works out that a meal can supply 30% of Reference Intake needs.

Vegan products can be made to copy or replace traditional food – for example, cheese.

This is the nutritional value of Grated Cheddar Style coconut based cheese alternative – a vegan alternative.

This is the nutrition information for Cheddar Cheese made from milk

What is the difference in protein between the 2 products?

To do

Put this Cheese on toast recipe into the Nutrition Program

1 slice of wholemeal toast, 50g grated Cheddar cheese.

Look at the Nutrition result –

Look at protein content in cheese on toast

Analyse a Vegan type cheese on toast

Look at protein content in Vegan cheese on toast

To do

Compare the nutrition of Cheddar cheese on toast with vegan cheese on toast. Write a sentence about your findings.

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