Vegetarian Food labelling

Labels for  vegetarian and vegan are voluntary.

Food Labelling 2004 Regulations state that all Compound ingredients used in a product – such as sponge fingers in a trifle – must list their ingredients. Except jam, chocolate, mixed herbs and spices, and ingredien
ts that are less than 2% of finished product.

But allergens must be shown such as sesame, gluten, eggs.

The term vegetarian must not be used for foods that are made from dead animals.

The term vegan cannot be used for foods that are made from dead animals or from products from living animals – for example, milk.

The Vegetarian Society and Vegan Society provide useful information and on additives, processing aids and flavourings.

Products made from living animals include milk, eggs, honey, bee pollen.

Products made with the help of these products include cheese made with rennet, yogurt made from gelatine, whey, additives, flavourings and carriers such as lecithins.

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