NEA 2 Star profile for Samosas and mango chutney

Use the Star Profile in the Nutrition Program to evaluate your results.

In this example, I’ve made samosas and served with mango chutney – an example from OCR exemplar.

First decide on the the Tasting words you are going to use – Descriptors

I’ve chosen easy to hold, spicy, golden, tasty and crisp pastry.

Then I’ve given each descriptor a mark out of 5.

So easy to hold = 5, spicy = 4, golden = 4, tasty = 5 and crisp pastry = 5.

Put these marks in the Rating column.

Now get 2 or 3 people to taste you samosas and give a mark for each descriptor. Put their name on +Add Taster

The tasters are called Jenny, Ali and Mosha.

Now complete the Evaluations for each descriptor. Think about the marks the tasters have given.

Export as a jpeg.

You can put this image into your work.

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