Nutrition Program and Vegan pasties

Find the nutritional value of your Vegan Pasties using the Nutrition Program.

See how much protein they provide compared with meat or cheese pasties. 

These are the ingredients:-

140 g plain flour
70g vegetarian fat suitable for vegans
1-2 tablespoons water 
Pinch of salt

Vegetable Filling
Choose a range of vegetables to make up to 120g – grated carrot, finely chopped sweet potato, butternut squash, potato
Small piece finely chopped onion 20g
20 g frozen peas
Pinch mixed herbs
Salt and pepper
1 tsp sesame or flax seeds
Oil for brushing pastry

Vegan pasties with vegetables
  1. My Recipes – Vegan Pasties – makes 2
  2. Enter the ingredients
  3. Look at the Nutrition
  4. Go to Food Label and put the photo, fill in the Storage info and Use by to show how to keep the pasties and how long to store them. Check that your recipe is Vegan.
  5. Go to Recipe Sheet and add your Method. Export the work.
2. Enter the ingredients – Check they are Vegan
3. Look at Nutrition – 4.4g protein
4. The food label shows ingredients, allergens, nutrition and if Vegan.
5. You can write your recipe method

One thought on “Nutrition Program and Vegan pasties

  1. Love the blog Jenny. Such a great resource in the classroom with all my Food and Nutrition year groups. A massive “thank you”


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