How to check if your recipe is vegan

The Nutrition Program identifies vegan ingredients when you enter them in My Recipes and shows if your final recipe is vegan.

This example shows a Vegan sponge cake which is made with vegan ingredients and not made with eggs.

Enter the ingredients in My Recipes

When entering strawberry jam it shows as Vegan. You can also see if each ingredient is vegan.

When all the ingredients have been added, check in Nutrition and you see a tick at the bottom of the list which shows if the total recipe is vegan.

See the vegan tick at the bottom of the screen.

Now complete the Food Label and add your photo of the finished dish.

On the left hand side you see Other information and Vegan is ticked.

Export the work and it shows vegan on the label.

This Food label shows the nutrition of the sponge cake and also a tick beside Vegan.

You can now add the Method for your recipe in Recipe sheet. This means all the information you need for your dish is stored for later use.

You can see that this recipe is high in sugar – but it is a cake so only eaten in small portions!

To do

Try entering your own recipe and test if it is vegan. You can use one of mine which has been tested for classroom use.

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