Gelatinisation of starch

Food and Nutrition GCSE has an Investigation NEA which could be

Investigate the ingredients used to thicken sauces and soups

This is how I do it:
Think what ingredients are used to thicken sauces and soups and which starch is best for recipes.

White sauce, Tomato sauce or soup, Fruit sauce…

Starchy ingredients thicken sauces when they are heated in liquid.

So test some starches:
Rice starch, cornflour, plain flour, arrowroot, potato flour … you choose.

Create a FAIR TEST. Mix the same amount of starch (10g) with the same amount of water (100ml).

Heat each one in the microwave and look every 20 seconds, stir and remove when it is thick.

Taste and test each one.

Use the Star Profile on the Nutrition Program to show your results:

First list the starches, then choose Descriptors – words to describe the results – thick, creamy, clear, glossy, tasty …

Different starches and gelatinisation

Different starches and gelatinisation

This star profile from Nutrition Program shows tasting results

This star profile shows tasting results

Fill in your tasting results:-

This star from Nutrition Program shows the results

This star shows the results for the starches


This star shows the evaluations of gelatinisation

This star from the Nutrition Program shows the evaluations of gelatinisation

These are the final results of the starch test.

These are the final results of the starch test presented using The Nutrition Program.





Improve the Nutrition Program

On our visit to the fabulous Shoreham Academy on 4/11/16 we watched Food Students in action with The Nutrition Program.

This will lead to improvements in the Program! Next visit Warden Academy.

Here are some:

We watched students working on Nutrition Program

We watched students working on Nutrition Program

Improve the Export screens so student work is wow

Check the prices – ingredients are going up!!

Make a Healthier version of recipe – this will appear on same screen

Make Exports as png files so you can put work easily into PowerPoint and Word

Change the grey text – in sunny rooms it can’t be seen

Make Worksheets available for all before login

Nutrition Program food labelThese are my notes on the Food Label!