NRVs and food labelling

I’ve just discovered that fat labels show NRVs so it’s time to get up to date.

Image result for stork margarineNRV stands for Nutrient ReNRV's Nutrient Reference Valueference Value.

It is a replacement term for RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) and you will see it on some products from December 2014 – a new European regulation.

NRV is a guideline of the minimum amount of a particular vitamin or mineral required by the average person to stay healthy

So instead of % RDA you will see %NRV’s.

Vitamin B3 is listed as Nicotinic acid.

Allergens are listed in bold.

Sodium will  be labelled salt.

Nutrition Expert is a useful website.

Nutrition Expert NRV

RDA’s (Recommended Daily Allowance) have now changed to NRV’s (Nutrient Reference Values). Instead of 100% RDA, you will now see 100% NRV. The values for RDA and NRV’s are exactly the same – NRV is a straight replace of RDA.

NRVs (Nutrient Reference Values) are a set of recommendations for nutritional intake based on currently available scientific knowledge. They state the level of intake of essential nutrients considered to be adequate to meet the known nutritional needs of practically all healthy people for the prevention of deficiencies, i.e the amount of vitamins and minerals you need to be consuming to prevent becoming ill.

Current (May 2016) Nutrient Reference Value (NRV) for vitamins and minerals as set in the EU can be seen below:

NRV Vitamins

NRV minerals



Improve the Nutrition Program

On our visit to the fabulous Shoreham Academy on 4/11/16 we watched Food Students in action with The Nutrition Program.

This will lead to improvements in the Program! Next visit Warden Academy.

Here are some:

We watched students working on Nutrition Program

We watched students working on Nutrition Program

Improve the Export screens so student work is wow

Check the prices – ingredients are going up!!

Make a Healthier version of recipe – this will appear on same screen

Make Exports as png files so you can put work easily into PowerPoint and Word

Change the grey text – in sunny rooms it can’t be seen

Make Worksheets available for all before login

Nutrition Program food labelThese are my notes on the Food Label!




Allergen labelling December 13th 2014 try The Food Labeller

If you are a caterer or learning about catering are you ready for the new regulations?
Try our Food Labeller – it’s free for the first year. Put in a recipe and it will show allergens, cost and nutrition. You can then list all the recipes you use and it will list the allergens in each one.If you work in a busy kitchen it means all the allergens can be shown on an ipad or iphone for people to recognise if they have food allergies.

Food Labeller

Food Information to Consumers Regulation FIC

The deadline in December 2014 for compliance with the majority of the Provision of Food Information to Consumers Regulation (FIC )fast approaching.

The Food Labeller is designed to help food companies meet the needs for the regulation – listing allergens and nutrition.

You can try it for FREE  on this link .

the food labeller

Allergen labelling – caterers need to know by December 13th 2014

The new online program called The Food Labeller  is designed for people running catering businesses of all sizes – sandwich shops, coffee shops, takeaways, …

Would anyone like to help me test it? The program has a database of foods and caterers can add their own and show the allergens.

If you would like to help, please email the

The example shows the details for Panzanella – a tomato, onion and cucumber bread salad.

The Food LabellerThe Food Labeller