Spaghetti bolognaise – using Nutrition Program

Starter activity
Teaching and learning activity

Comparison and nutritional analysis of buying a ready-made spaghetti bolognaise/ chilli. Using information on the packaging, carry out a nutritional analysis and evaluate the nutritional value of spaghetti bolognaise. Discussion of what makes a good spaghetti bolognaise/ chilli and the main advantages of preparing and cooking your own spaghetti bolognaise. Identify possible adaptations of recipe for vegetarians and special dietary needs.
Main activity
Demonstration of spaghetti bolognaise or chilli.
Questioning for learning topics: ingredients, their functions, uses and nutritional value. Preparation of bolognaise or chilli ingredients, knife skills to prepare vegetables and meat safely and hygienically. Temperature control on the hob, safe cooking times and temperatures. How to prepare, cook and serve up pasta or rice as a carbohydrate accompaniment to dish. Effective techniques to present the dish with a high level of finish and decoration.
Plenary: recipe adaptation to meet current recommendations for a healthy diet. Identify ways to reduce the saturated fat, kcal and salt, but increase fibre content of the dish.
Home learning

Differentiation and extension

Nutritional profile of ready-made spaghetti bolognaise.
Differentiation of skills, quality of outcomes, hygiene and safety workshop routine.
BNF online resources on food hygiene and safety.
Differentiation through effective questioning techniques through use of Bloom’s taxonomy.
Differentiated worksheets and home learning resources to calculate costs of spaghetti bolognaise or chilli.

Learning objectives

To use nutrition information and allergy advice panels on food labels to help make informed food choices.
To explain the importance of selecting dishes to cook, which provide the necessary energy and nutrients to meet teenager’s reference nutrient intakes (RNI).
To explain the importance of good food safety practices when getting ready to store, prepare and cook food.
To modify recipes and cook dishes that promote current healthy eating messages.
To calculate the cost of the dish and compare with a commercial

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