Aquafaba – the food science of cooking

Aquafaba is the liquid you strain off from a can of chickpeas and it’s used by vegans to replace egg in cooking.

Aquafaba is made up of water, protein and starch and the word comes from the Latin aqua – water, and faba – bean. Other beans as well as chickpeas made good aquafaba.

It can be used as a thickener, binder, emulsifier, foaming agent and gelling agent to replace egg.

The aquafaba science website says there is a lot more science to understand how it works.

The nutritional analysis for aquafaba is on The Nutrition Program. Use 3 tablespoons of chickpea water to replace one egg.

Other egg replacers include

  • 1/2 mashed banana
  • flax egg – 1 tbs of flax seed powder + 3 tbs water


Funding the Nutrition Program

Teachers have been discussing ways to fund the Nutrition Program during these tough economic times.

Here are some ideas

Teachers make bids through curriculum development, the exam budget, and  IT central funding.
Others have asked the PTA and governors and said about grade improvement – I have no proof that the Nutrition Program improves grades but I hope it produces good quality work.
This link was suggested by The Food Teachers Centre
The purpose of the pupil premium is to improve attainment for disadvantaged learners. It follows that the funding should be used to ensure these pupils receive consistently excellent teaching.

Pupil Premium is available to
Local authority maintained schools, including special schools andpupil referral units (PRUs)

Voluntary-sector alternative provision (AP), with local authority agreement

Special schools not maintained by the local authority

Academies and free schools, including special and AP academies

Some schools choose to use the PP funding to purchase ingredients and equipment for FSM pupils.

Revision Questions for Food Preparation and Nutrition AQA Spec by Jenny Ridgwell

100 Quick Multichoice Questions with Answers for starter and active learning revision. Questions link to the exam board specification written by Jenny Ridgwell
Plus Sample paper for GCSE AQA
100 multichoice questions
Answers to questions
Self Assessment Mark Scheme

Revision Questions AQA

Setting up student accounts on Nutrition Program

How do I set up my students accounts and how do I change them after a year?
Once you have purchased a subscription, first login as the Teacher to manage your users. You see a list of users, with random letters generated by the program. You can change the usernames and all the passwords to make them the same. Each student can be given their own named account, or you can use those on the automatic system. Be aware that we have over 100,000 students registered for the program, so choose passwords that you think are unique.

When you want to change the users, tick to “Clear the account”, which empties it of the work, then type in the new name to replace the account name that you want to change. Finally click Update and the new student has a new account name and a fresh, empty account to work with.You can update a large list of student names using our csv system found on your Teacher login.