Fat used in pastry NEA 1

This star profile on Youtube shows how to create a star profile on Nutrition Program to compare fats in pastries.

This video shows how to do the star profile

I’ve used butter, lard, Trex and oil for the pastry. Taken from book NEA1 Food Investigations 10 Tasks

And Food Science You Can Eat

Click it through and see how to do an Evaluation for NEA1

1. Starting the star profile

Youtube video for star profile for pastry

How to analyse star profile for pastry

Fats in pastry 2

Results of tasting

Lard – short, crisp, tasteless, v crumbly

Butter – good flavour, quite short

Trex – light, crumbly, short, delicious

Oil – tough, dry, a little crumbly and hard.

Put the recipes into the Nutrition Program and compare results – Butter pastry, lard pastry, oil pastry, Trex pastry

This second video tells you how to finish the star profile

This Youtube video shows how to create a recipe

How to create a recipe

Use basic recipe 100g plain flour, 50g fat ( you choose) 30g water.

Plot the results on a chart

Take photos and annotate

Cooked pastries – annotated

Chart shows fat and saturated fats in pastries

New books coming from Ridgwell Press for NEA 1 http://www.ridgwellpress.com

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