The Cultured Kitchen

Scobie symbiotice – bacteria and yeast fermenting and working together to create mafgic!

Lactobacillus – same smell as rotting process. ‘Fermenting’ means to boil. Pickling kills bacteria.


fermentation increases the enzymes and vitamins B. Michael Pollen – fermenting on Nexflix.

The sour bit of the palette is not used much.

Kimchi – Chinese leaf, carrot, turnip, spring onion, garlic, chilli and ginger.

Fermentation softens the plant tissue.

You can use red beetroot and cabbage – it burps a lot.

Takes 10 days – 3 weeks to go soft and the longer the softer and more tasty.

Celery, grated carrot and salt.

Method – finely chop the vegetables so they are ‘eat size’.

Squeeze, then pulp with 1-2 teaspoons salt then pack into glass jar. Push down so the brine rises 1cm above the top.

Weight down with a large stone wrapped in cling film. The veg are submerged in the water and brine.


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