Portion sizes

Where do we get our portion sizes from for the Nutrition Program? The government report Food Portion Sizes gives clues but it was published 23 years ago so it’s out of date.

The best results come from supermarket websites.
Sainsburys Waitrose Aldi Co-op Morrisons  Tesco

The Government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal wants reduced portion sizes to reduce calorie intake.

Tesco has a Healthy Living range with reduced salt, sugar, fat and calories
The Co-op has ready meals with less than 500 calories

School Food Plan has excellent charts on portion sizes

School Food Plan portion


BUPA has an excellent website with portion sizes for different foods.

Starchy foods

Strachy food portions




Meat, fish and other proteins

Portion sizes




Dairy foods

portion sizes






Use The Nutrition Program  for portion sizes

Raw meat 80g

Bread 100 grams