Genetically Modified maize – for the popcorn lesson

Genetically modified maize was grown for the first time in the US and Canada in 1997.

Is it GM?

Maize is the only GM crop that is commercially grown in the EU. It’s used for feeding livestock and for the starch industry.
GM maize has insect resistance and herbicide tolerance.Now, about 80 per cent of the maize produced in the US is genetically modified.

GM EU maize is resistant to the corn borer which chews through maize stalks so the plant tips over.

EU GM maize cannot be mixed with conventional maize and food and feed made from GM maize must be labelled.

Maize starch is used for corn syrup, glucose and dextrose, modified starch and sugar substitutes.

What about GM foods and UK?

GM crops enter Britain mainly as animal feed. There is no commercial growing, but there have been experimental trials of GM potatoes, wheat and flax.

GM Maize is suitable for England.

Organic food has to be GM free.

A reported 70% of US supermarket processed food contains GM.

Do UK supermarkets sell GM foods? Difficult to know – by EU law it should be on the label.

Waitrose  No food is genetically modified.  Popcorn lovers day 





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