Making kefir from kefir grains

Kefir is the latest super food so I’m having a go at fermenting water kefir grains to ‘make an alternative to fizzy drink’ and that doesn’t mean champagne

Kefir is a fermented pro-biotic food made from fermenting micro-organisms. Water kefir is made from fermenting the kefir grains in sugar and water.

So the science on the website says:

The beneficial bacteria and yeasts present in the kefir grains metabolise the sugar and turn it into acetic acid.

The grains look like clear, colourless jelly and they are made of ‘lactobacillus hilgardii’.kefir


Dissolve 60g of sugar in 750ml water.

Add the grains and some fruit flavours such as lemon and raisins or chopped ginger root.

Let it ferment in a glass jar for 24-72 hours with a J cloth as a soft lid.

strain the grains and put the strained liquid into smaller jars.

Leave 24-48 hours to ferment then chill and enjoy as a drink.

What the scientists think about kefir and probiotics.

‘There is no benefit to probiotics to repopulate gut bacteria – ref European Food Safety Authority.

Nutrition for 100ml

Typical Values per 100ml
Energy kJ 243
Energy kcal 58
Fat (g) 3.0
of which saturates (g) 2.0
Carbohydrates (g) 4.6
of which sugars (g) 2.8
Fibre (g) 0.5
Protein (g) 3.2
Salt (g) 0.1

Milk kefir

Milk kefir is a natural probiotic, living culture and the grains look like small cauliflower florets. As the culture ferments the milk, these grains grow, creating new grains in the process.

Add a tablespoon of grains to about two cups of raw organic milk in a glass container and cover loosely to allow fermentation gases to escape. A piece of cheesecloth secured with an elastic band works very well.

After 24 hours strain with a plastic strainer into a container– do not use metal utensils. Place the grains that were caught in the strainer into another container with 2 cups of milk to make a fresh batch of kefir. The strained milk can be used or refrigerated until required. Repeat this process about every 18 – 24 hours.











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