Bills Cafe in Lewes

Bills cafe in Lewes

Bills cafe in Lewes

Bills cafe is famous for its fresh fruit and vegetables and delicious all day food served in the cafe.

I asked Bill on 23/7/2009 what he thought about having his recipes analysed to show their nutritional value. His reply went something like this:

‘Look love, we have specifications for our recipes, but we are creative here. See these tomatoes. Some of them need more salt than others and some need a hint of sweetness by adding honey. We don’t know until we are making the passata so the nutrition will change. We’re not like those big food chains where food goes into the factory all the same and comes out the same. Here we are different. If the supplier delivers different varieties of potatoes we cook them in ways which work best, and this changes the nutrition.  I’ve got one chef who makes the most spicy hummus and another that adds his own touch of flavour. We’re creative, and do things by taste and flavour.’

What about allergens Bill?

‘We know our recipes, so we know whether they contain wheat or milk. Nuts is a problem as everything is prepared in a small kitchen and we can’t guarantee nut free.’

Can I try and analyse one of your recipes Bill?

‘OK, I’ll sort one out – but I think taste matters, not the nutrition!’

Now in 2014 Bill could use our Food Labeller which does all of this online!

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