What subjects use the Nutrition Program?

The main subject areas using this program are Food Technology, Hospitality and Catering  and Home Economics.

BUT – there are many other subjects and school areas which study nutrition, recipes, meals and diets, and their students could share your extra users.

1. Healthy Schools Initiative – use the program to look at school meals, tuck shop food, student diets.

2. School Meals –  your school meals must meet government guidelines for nutritional standards. Our program provides the facility to check the meals.

3. Licence to Cook – analyse the recipes used on this course to see how healthy they are.

4. Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism courses – they need to analyse menus and provide healthy food.

5. Health and Social Care – BTECs and others learn about diet and health

6. PSHE – teaching about diet and health

7. Science – needed for KS3 and KS4 where they learn about balanced diets and nutrients

8. Physical Education and Sport – the GCSEs look at healthy eating and diet analysis and want students to do practical tasks.

9. ICT and Maths – both subjects need to use real data that is meaningful for students – and students really want to know if their diet is OK. There is a lot of Maths in the program and in my experience, students can’t understand the meaning of % and bar charts!

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