New food trends – what are people eating? Dragon fruit and harissa?

When people (mainly students) use the Nutrition Program, they can submit ingredients and foods to us if they are missing from the database. This is showing interesting trends as people are using more exotic ingredients in their recipes, choosing lower fat foods, and eating new food products in their daily diets.

Here are some ingredients which show new food trends – dried pineapple, apple and cherries, dragon fruit, green tea, smoked lardons, harissa, shitake mushrooms, canned pumpkin, mango pulp, lamb’s lettuce and snapper. There are many more – email if you would like the list. We’ll try and find the nutritional value of these ingredients and add them to the database.

What about diets? The funniest request was for paracetamol – and we’ll try and find it. You will see deep fried Mars Bar on the database as it was requested, perhaps in fun. We’re going to add Fanta Zero, Red Bull, candy floss ( it is summertime) and tequilla.

The most interesting to research has been Kamut flour which is an ancient type of wheat related to the durum variety used in modern bread making. They claim it is higher in protein than normal flour and is tolerated by people who are gluten sensitive. This is the link Doves Farm sell this flour.

Kamut wheat

Kamut wheat