Maths and food teaching

‘Maths and food teaching’ Teachers are asked to help develop maths skills in every subject and food teaching needs a wide range of maths skills.

You can get a free copy of the Powerpoint on this link.

3663 is one of the largest suppliers of wholesale food and catering but do you know why they use these numbers?

Email me the answer – it’s embeded in the talk.

This is how teacher Linda Martin includes Numeracy in her lessons.

‘The majority of my lessons have references to Maths.

I want students to understand the importance of how other subjects can help them in Food Technology

I will use a basic recipe and I will double it, treble it and so on

Swiss Roll

3 eggs , 75g Flour, 75g Caster Sugar

I will ask the class what would the quantities be for 2 egg or 4 eggs

Similarly Shortcrust pastry 25g flour, 12g fat, 5ml water – Scale this up.

With the Nutrition Program look at % of GDA

I will reference Bar Charts, Pie Charts –  I know you have been working in Maths on Pie Charts.

All the scales we use are balance scales and this is particularly helpful for the less able and it is very visual, meets the needs of different learning styles.

We work in Metric but I also have conversion charts.

For the Program I pair students up, although they are working individually I try to have one that is more confident with numeracy and ICT skills and they can usually be a coach for the weaker student. I find they very quickly get the hang of it.

Linda Martin The Community College, Shropshire

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