Alessandra Bester from Functional Food uses the Nutrition Program

Alessandra BesterAlessandra Bester from Functional Food Company has been working on allergy friendly products. The idea came after years of experimenting in the kitchen looking for ways to manage her son’s Autism, Epilepsy, Allergies and her own IBS, Coeliac Disease and Fibromalagia.

‘I have learned a lot about the FreeFrom market having been the consumer who observed the growing range of products over the last 10 years. I quickly realised that free from gluten doesn’t mean free from fat, sugar and other allergens.’

In developing our products I needed to make sure that while using novelty ingredients I kept the levels of sugar and fat in healthy range. The nutrition calculation program was very flexible when assessing and evaluating less mainstream ingredients.

We use everything that nature has to offer around the world from baobab, acai berry, maca, matcha to homegrown pea powder and oats.

We are innovating producing a range of snacks that taste amazing & are also FreeFrom: gluten, nuts, dairy as well as other common allergens, with carefully reduced sugars. Our products are organic & without any colouring or preservatives with only natural ingredients.

IB Snack Heart Beet! Beetroot & Pea Protein energy recovery bits. Gluten,

Dairy, Nuts, Soya Free! Low in fat & sugar. Crunchy Superseeds & Gluten Free – Supergrains

Just-Bite ™  no sugar finger-bites for children. Packed with  Gluten Free Supergrains.NoNo


The wrong food label

Found this label for Hummus with sun dried tomatoes in my local food market.

The producers need help with their food labelling!

hummus What’s wrong with it?

Says made from olive oil – spelled Oilve and made from a blend of chicpeas… and a hint of cumin

Wrong – If you claim it is made from Olive oil you must add it to the ingredients list and you can’t say ‘a hint of’ .Not scientific.

The label has a use by phrase but no date.

WRONG – food that needs refrigeration must have a date to show when it must be eaten by.

Woops Food Labeller can help

Food businesses and allergens

Food businesses must be registered with their local authority – this is required by law.

Food businesses include market stalls, delivery vehicles and other moveable structures and include:
◾staff canteens
◾guest houses & B&B’s
◾delivery vehicles
◾buffet cars on trains
◾market and other stalls
◾mobile food vehicles


Registration allows the local authority to keep an up-to-date list of all those premises in the area. They can visit when they need to. The frequency of the visits will depend on the type of business.

The Environmental Health Officer for the local authority will advise on how to keep a record of the foods sold and allergens and nutrition.