Funding the Nutrition Program

Teachers have been discussing ways to fund the Nutrition Program during these tough economic times.

Here are some ideas

Teachers make bids through curriculum development, the exam budget, and  IT central funding.
Others have asked the PTA and governors and said about grade improvement – I have no proof that the Nutrition Program improves grades but I hope it produces good quality work.
This link was suggested by The Food Teachers Centre
The purpose of the pupil premium is to improve attainment for disadvantaged learners. It follows that the funding should be used to ensure these pupils receive consistently excellent teaching.

Pupil Premium is available to
Local authority maintained schools, including special schools andpupil referral units (PRUs)

Voluntary-sector alternative provision (AP), with local authority agreement

Special schools not maintained by the local authority

Academies and free schools, including special and AP academies

Some schools choose to use the PP funding to purchase ingredients and equipment for FSM pupils.

Speedy Revision for Food and Nutrition GCSE


Time saving revision resource

A really useful resource to aid revision. Particularly helpful as time fillers in lessons and for homework tasks. I also plan to start using these questions with lower school classes as starter activities.

A great all round book

Very useful when you’re looking for quick topic revision, perhaps as a starter. As we are now getting into revision time, and perhaps not having quite covered all the spec in great detail, it can be used to fill those gaps as well.

Excellent for quick fire questions

An excellent booklet for quick fire questions at the start or end of lessons.pupils like th multichoice answers great tool for learning.Also good to set for a homework.

Valuable resource

A great resource for any exam board for use with years 9-11.

Excellent book

Excellent book as allows for starter activities and plenaries for the end of units. Nice interactive activity as a whole class. definitely recommend.

Very Pleased!

I bought this for year 11 revision and found it very useful. I have also used it with year 10s for revision and starter & plenary activities. Would recommend!

Great resource

Great resource to use at start/end of lesson. Saves lots of time and cover different sections. Very useful

Incredibly Useful

These resources have been such a time saver. The layout is very close to what pupils can expect in the exam and it covers a broad range of topics. It was a perfect pack to send the Y11s off on study leave with. I highly recommend them.

Non Specialist

As a non specialist taking on food for the first time, this has been invaluable, the specification layout at the start makes it all a little clearer and there are so many questions to choose from. Thank you so much for providing the answers to go with them! overall well worth it.

Revision Question

Used the Quick Questions today as a starter for a revision lesson with my y11s – worked really well. Will do this with each lesson now. Rest of the book up to the usual high standard of resources produced by Jenny

Using the Nutrition Program for NEA 2

You can download our resource for NEA 2 on this link.

This shows how the Nutrition Program cab be used for different sections of the Tasks.

If you are a Nutrition Program subscriber, emails us for a free copy.

key words NEA 2

Key words used in NEA 2

The chart shows key phrases from exam boards for NEA 2 where The Nutrition Program can be used.

  • The exam boards have similar points to cover –
  • Research to find dishes that fit the task –
  • Explain how the dishes meet nutritional needs – look at Traffic Lights, RI, and if they fit with a meal.
  • Look at sensory properties – use The Nutrition Program to draw up a Star Profile.
  • Carry out nutritional analysis of dishes – produce a food label using Nutrition Program
  • Analyse the nutrition – annotate the food label.
  • Carry out sensory analysis and add tasters, then write evaluation – all done through Nutrition Program.
  • Use sensory descriptors – the Nutrition Program has a Tasting Word Bank
  • Cost the dish – the Nutrition Program has costs of ingredients
  • Conclude and think of improvements.


Equipment for NEA 1 Food Investigations

My list of essential equipment for investigations – things I have used for my experiments for NEA 1 Food Invesigations 10 Tasks.

Digital scales – you need accurate measurements for testing recipes

Digital scales

Food probe  – use to test setting temperatures of egg mixtures, sauce thickening temperatures and cooking temperature.


Nutrition Program! use to find the nutritional value of flours, sugars, beans, … to help you make choices for foods to investigate.

Digital camera – use your phone

Use phone to capture images

measuringcylindermeasuring cylinder


NEA 1 Food Investigations 10 Tasks

Star profile