Future for the Nutrition Program?

Many Nutrition Program users have been in touch as they love the Program and don’t want it to close.

We have conducted a small survey asking if users would subscribe if the program reopened. 90% said yes so we are pursuing ideas for its future.

This is part of an email from Carla Molinari shown with her permission.

Thankyou to Carla Molinari for this email

“I am very excited to hear that the Program may come back…we have really missed it this year!

The star diagrams, nutritional analysis and costing are all on one program and so accessible for students. I used to work in a school with an extremely high amount of EAL students (over 52 languages were spoken as a first language), I work in a very different school now.

In both schools I have been able to show students how to use the program once on the white board and students remember and then can navigate around it so well. This year students have used another program but it doesn’t have costing and so students have to spend more time (which we have very little of!) creating this from scratch whereas your program had this.

Students have noticed that your program had more ingredients to select from and are having to use a lot of ‘Best fit’ ingredients instead. This is also then creating more work for students as they need to explain this when the nutritional label doesn’t reflect the dish accurately.

In addition, it’s great for differentiation/personalised learning because lower ability/SEND students can use it to help them speed up the amount of time they can spend researching and creating charts/graphs. It also allows them to gain a basic understanding of the 5 main nutrients too. For More Able/G&T students it allows them to learn then apply knowledge & understanding of Macro/Micro nutrients- this is fantastic for higher marks and deeper learning.

I also have the booklet that goes with it and that works so well too. The program is suitable for KS3 and 4 and I used it for both. I haven’t found anything on the market that compares.

This is part of an email from Heather Sale, Teacher of Food and Nutrition of Cockermouth School.

We would be lost without The Nutrition Program at GCSE – our students find it easy to use and it has been invaluable in producing accurate & detailed nutritional profiles and star diagrams for NEA tasks. We have been commended by GCSE moderators on our students’ comprehensive nutritional analysis, using your program. PLEASE keep it going – it is such a useful resource!

3 thoughts on “Future for the Nutrition Program?

  1. Please re-open! It’s such a useful programme!


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