Time plan and dovetailing

Use My Recipes in The Nutrition Program to write the Method for your recipes.

Like GBBO you can use a phone or ipad to work on your recipes during the practical test. When you have 3 recipes for your final GCSE Task, you need to dovetail the making steps to fit the 3 hour plan.

Recipe sheets on Nutrition Program

Chicken and mushroom pie, Vegetarian Lasagne and Whisked sponge with raspberries.!

  • Print off your 3 recipes on 3 different coloured paper and chop them up and stick into the plan.
  • Use Word or Excel or Google Sheets to create a table and use different text colours for each dish.
  • Colour the time plan and show stages.

Find these ideas in Food Preparation Assessment written by me – Jenny Ridgwell. Thanks to Dave Smith for once again creating some funny drawings to liven up the text.

Thanks to Dave Smith for this!

Dovetailing recipes for the timeplan GCSE

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