Chemical raising agents – presenting results for NEA 1

For my Chemical raising agents investigations I tested different ones in warm water.

But I also made some scones. You can my recipe on    on this site.

When the scones were baked I took photos.

Presenting results

I used The Nutrition Program to present the results of the tasting. This is how it is done.

Click My Recipes and name one as Scones with different raising agents

Put in the scone recipe in Ingredients.

Go to Star Profile.

Star profile for chemical raising agents

For each Taster put in the name of the raising agents – I’ve chosen plain + baking powder, SR + baking powder, plain + bicarb and tartar, SR flour

Then think of Descriptors for sensory appraisal – your tasting work.

I’ve chosen light, well risen, crumbly, solid

Then tasted the scones and given each a mark out of 5 where 0= not and 5= very.

This is a new function added for NEA 1 test – Click Hide Rating.

Star profile for chemical raising agents

I can now see the Star Profile with each scone tasted.

Then I can write my Evaluations.

Evaluation of raising agents

Then Download as JPG and write some comments

Full marks I hope!!


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