3 New NEA 1 Tasks

We’ve trialled and tested 3 more Tasks for NEA 1 for download and Powerpoint.

They are gluten in bread, gluten in pasta and egg white foams and meringues.

Here are some classroom challenges that I found!

  1. Washing gluten out of a flour dough takes ages and it is easy to wash bits down the sink by mistake. My tip – use 150g flour for the dough so you have enough dough to work with and wrap it in muslin.
  2. Make small loaves of bread so that they can be kneaded, proved and baked in a short time – the problem is to make the loaves all at the same time in the same way – I couldn’t do it.

  1. I don’t know how to test gluten in pasta – I made it by rolling out by hand and then by machine which was very fiddly. Then cut it into 1 cm noodles and cooked it for 2 minutes. But how can you test and compare the pasta flours? I’ve put this in my Evaluation of the Task.
  2. Egg white foams are very difficult to measure so I decided not to do this for the Task. I tested different sugars on a basic recipe and cooked a control which had no sugar at all. Then I added other ingredients and got an amazing result with cream of tartar which gave huge volume.

  1. I highly recommend Harold McGee’s Book On Food and Cooking to support all the food science questions I needed answered.

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