Martha Collison from Great British Bake Off 2014

When I met Martha Collison on a recent Guild of Food Writers trip to Devon, I was surprised by two things – 1) that someone so young had achieved so much in the food writing world and 2) that she knew about The Nutrition Program by using it in her school. There were many questions that I wanted to ask her, especially about her passion for food and if her school food lessons had anything to do with it. So here we go – in my text book writing style.

1. Tell us what you learnt about food in your school lessons.



2. You used the Nutrition Program – how was it useful in your recipe work?


3. We talked about how you wrote about Food science in your first recipe book, Twist. Can you explain why food science matters?



4. Now tell us what you are doing next in the food world – new projects, travel, research.


5. What advice do you have for food students who want to discover more about the work opportunities related to food?


6. Any finally – any tips and inspiration for all those amazing food teachers out there?


Many thanks Jenny Ridgwell

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