What is a Hypothesis?

These are definitions taken from GCSE Science which are very useful to use for Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE NEA 1

NEA 1 Book for 10 tasks

A Hypothesis is

  • A statement which may be proved or disproved.
  • A prediction backed up with a scientific reason saying why you think the prediction is correct.

You are

  • Predicting what the outcomes of experiments will be.
  • Using food science words to explain the prediction.
  • Investigating how ingredients work and why.
  • Writing what you think will happen in the Investigation

My views on Food Science Investigations

Students have 8-10 hours for the Investigation – see Exam board requirements.

I have given a spectrum of ideas that can be explored, but there is much more science that can be discovered.
Higher levels for the science investigation are required for the top grades.

The Book and the Powerpoint show realistic Investigations that can be carried out for GCSE within the limits of the school food room.
I’ve chosen foods for investigations that are not expensive, as experiments can fail and food must be thrown away – a mixed message on food waste.  
So there are challenges ahead!

Good luck with the Investigations. Jenny Ridgwell

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