Food Science You Can Eat is ready

food science bookFood Science You Can Eat is ready as a download.

72 photocopiable pages with food science terms needed for

Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE 2016

Things you need to know –

Dextrinisation, caramelisation, gelatinisation, shortening, aeration, plasticity, emulsification, coagulation, foam formation, gluten formation, acid denature, enzymic browning, oxidation.

Learn about science as you cook, with recipes linked to the science terms.

Sticky pastryFind out why pastry becomes tough.

Experiment with raising agents.

Make gluten balls.

Fry a cheese crisp.

gluten balls

Download our free crossword Food Science to test your knowledge.

The book shows how you can use the Nutrition Program to do star profiles of your experiments and compare results.

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