Pupil Premium – use it to fund the Nutrition Program 2016

The Pupil Premium is additional funding given to schools so that they can support their disadvantaged pupils and close the attainment gap between them and their peers.

Schools receive the Pupil Premium each academic year from the government – the amount being determined by the number of students receiving Free School Meals.

pupil premiumThis funding makes sure that students who receive free school meals are not at a disadvantage compared with others.
2015 – 16 £935 per pupil years 7-11 in mainstream schools.

The grant may be spent by maintained schools  for the educational benefit of pupils registered at that school, or for the benefit of pupils registered at other maintained schools.

So if you feel that your pupils need an up to date nutritional analysis program to help with with the new Food GCSE, you can propose a budget to support your schemes of work which could include a Nutrition Program subscription. You need to show how it would improve attainment, motivation, lesson management and their IT skills and MATHS!!

If you are an inner London school with 50% of pupils eligible for PP and have 500 pupils in years 7,8,9 you could ask for £30,000 out of a likely budget of £230,000.

BBC article on research that use of PP has increased

From September 2016, schools will be required to publish their pupil premium strategy on their websites, said the spokeswoman, adding that they should not need to use the money to offset cuts. Funding can be used to

  • help staff provide support before and after school
  • one to one tuition, paired reading, catch up projects
  • provide resources to support learning – including the Nutrition Program
  • resources for revision and immersion sessions linked to final exams – see our Ridgwell Press Revision guides

What about help providing ingredients?
The Food Teachers Centre asked how to fund ingredients for practical lessons

‘We expect schools to find ways to enable all pupils to participate in food preparation and nutrition lessons regardless of their socio-economic
background’.(Nick Gibb Minister).
Ofsted 2006 report calls it ‘social exclusion’ if you charge for national curriculum lessons.

Your Value Added indicator can outline student progress. The benchmark is 1000 for expected progress.

How schools are spending the money

A nutritionist for a lethargic year 5 student (£120)
John’s story: I was always tired by break time and drank sugary drinks to give me energy. Then I couldn’t settle in class and my teeth went orange. The lady from the hospital came to talk to me about what I ate and I started a food diary and noted when I was tired and hyper. Now I have slow-energy-release bars for breakfast and I no more fizzy drinks on school days.

There is an argument that nutrition management is beyond a school’s responsibility. But this school was able to achieve significant improvement in John’s engagement with the curriculum by non-pedagogic means: the issues of the home were addressed leading to improvements in learning.

The Forest School has an interesting Pupil Premium Strategy

It includes laptops to support work at home, training in revision skills, mentoring and helping with correct resources and equipment for lessons.







2 thoughts on “Pupil Premium – use it to fund the Nutrition Program 2016

  1. Spelling should be ‘programme’ everywhere except for the US, and this site is aimed at the UK. Also it is education and school oriented so it really should be spelled correctly.

  2. In British English, program refers to computer programs and their programming, and programme is used for all other senses of the word.
    The Nutrition Program is a computer program which is why I’ve chosen the British English spelling.
    Thanks for sending the comment in. Jenny

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