Star profile for Nutrition Program

We are adding a star profile/ star diagram to the Nutrition Program so you can show tasting results of food and work out how to improve.

Star profiles

Choose some tasting words for a dish like chilli con carne and then give them a mark out of 5.

0 = not and 5 = very.

star profile chilliThe star shows the profile you want and the result that you get.

You can choose 3 – 7 sensory words to describe the food and give them a rating from 0 to 5.

This is the star profile for a salad.

star profile






Word bucketstar profileStar profilestar profile

9 thoughts on “Star profile for Nutrition Program

  1. Looks excellent


  2. Mrs D Anderson

    this looks suitable for use by all pupils and would be used to a high extent by all year groups. Will be very good for low ability pupils. Please include on programme.


  3. Thankyou for the comments – if you can think of improvements that would be great.


  4. Thankyou – will proceed! Jenny


  5. Fiona Dowling

    looks great, well done 🙂
    can students type in their own adjectives or do they have to select from the word bucket? I want my students to type in their own words / phrases and for there to be an option of the word bucket for lower ability students. also – is there a character limit? so instead of say just saying tomatoey, I might want my students to say: rich, tomato sauce with a hint of garlic and oregano – will there be a character limit on this?
    can they also select how many tasters they have (1,2,3 etc) and also can they name them – taster 1, taster 2 etc

    If this works you could also consider expanding to other forms of hedonic testing, triangle, ranking etc – would also be suitable for WJEC level 3 Food and Nutrition where they have a strictly controlled timed assessment and it would be really useful so that candidates can do this quickly in their Evaluation, happy to give more feedback if you need it, thank you,


  6. Thanks Fiona – I’ve added the open ended descriptor to the brief and the number of tasters – we could have basic star profile then higher level one?
    Having a long descriptor will be hard to manage on screen so I think we need to keep it simple. I’ll ask about character limit. Thanks for your help. Jenny


  7. Mrs M Wallace

    Brilliant idea, I would normally go for eight strands for the star profile. Will there be an option for pupils to choose the number of strands? Can they provide their own sensory descriptors , or do they have to choose from the bucket?
    I can see that this will be a useful tool for all pupils and will be used extensively.
    Thank you


  8. Thankyou for the reply – I will add that it should go to 8 strands and put in the optionfor own sensory descriptors – I’m thinking of basic level then higher level – do you think that would work?
    I try and get the screen designs as simple as possible – do you think like the My Recipes it could have 2 tabs? Ideas welcome as we are on the case! Jenny


  9. I think this looks great! Agree with previous comments of wanting some suggested sensory descriptive words but to also have the option for pupils to use their own words/ I am assuming the where you have 2 colours on the examples above with profile and results as the key, we could have shop-bought and home-made as the key to compare these in certain instances? Think the addition of a star profile will be really good – thank you.


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