Teacher survey of Nutrition Program 2015

Thankyou to all that took part in our survey on how to improve the Nutrition Program.


Here are comments on what you liked about the Program which we really appreciate:

It is easy to use, the pupils can access it from home, the cost section is brilliant and saves so much time.

Bablake School

I find it very useful tool for teaching useful information on packaging.

Connaught School for Girls

Vast range of ingredients choices. Works out costing and traffic light systems.

Tapton School

It appears to do everything! Costs, nutritional analysis, recipe creation. Pupil friendly

Tapton School

It’s an excellent resource. Very user friendly and simple to use after a quick introduction. It can be used in many ways by our students to analyse recipes, cost recipes, adjust recipes to make them healthier, produce labelling info.



Blatchington Mills

Easy to use. Gives the students what they need for their exam work without having to do too much themselves.Costings they can understand and nutrition most ages can understand.

Patcham High

This has been brilliant for my year 11 GCSE work they especially like the Nutrition Graph, it made it easier for them to work out the healthier option for there final products.

Saxmundham Free School

It enables pupils, of a range of abilities, to access the Program easily to analyse products before and after making; thus having data that they can use to support investigation and evaluation.

Wheatley Park School

Easy to use and quick to see results. A variety of different applications available such as food labels, uploading photographs for packaging and traffic light system.

Nottingham Girls’ High

I like that it works out the costs easily.

Holly Hall School

There are loads of ingredients listed, so just about everything is covered.

Giggleswick School

How easy it is to use. Our special needs learners can use it independently and love how professional it looks when printed.

Redwood Park School

An excellent resource for KS3 and 4 but particularly for GCSE controlled assessment. This gives pupils the opportunity to analyse the food they have made and raises their awareness of the cost of ingredients in addition to the nutritional composition. It is ideal for tasks out of lessons pupils can access the program from home!

Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School

The Nutrition Program is very user friendly and automatically saves pupils work. It has a large database of ingredients which can be added to upon request. The nutrition profile is very useful for coursework and is easy to model developments instead of making all the products.

North Bromsgrove

It is an easy to use program that clearly shows the nutritional value of single ingredients to complete readymade products. The additional costing tool is great and an essential part of the requirements of GCSE food work. It is also useful to teach cross curricular skills to KS3 and to develop an awareness how much food costs or working to a budget.

Highams Park School

Ease of use. Updated frequently. Saves students a lot of time completing dietary diaries; nutritional analysis and costing.

We could not deliver KS4 and KS5 without the Nutrition Program.

Ormiston Rivers Academy

It’s a great, simple to use program for aiding GCSE Catering students with course work!

Mount Carmel High School Accrington

Simple to use and it is a very useful tool for all ability students, to support them in producing data for analysis for their GCSE coursework.


The Nutrition Program is an invaluable tool for quick focused cost and nutrient calculations, it certainly beats the old long winded method of using a calculator and looking up each food in turn. The ability to make comparisons using a tables and pie charts is useful to see if products meet the requirements of the target group.

St Teresas

The students at both KS3 and Ks4 find the Nutrition Program easy to use. They can review the nutritional content of dishes and menus easily and there is a costing facility whish is useful too.

Bradley Stoke Community School

Really easy for students to use, up to date information & good support from company if problems occur. Use mainly with KS4 students both in food & GCSE Child Development.

Warden Park Academy

I knew very little in terms of nutritional values of food, as I was more concerned with profit than making sure my guests were fed according to healthy eating guidelines. In that respect, the Nutrition Program became my own personal CPD when it came to sources and RI’s of vitamins and minerals as well as identifying how simple adaptations to ingredients can impact on healthy eating.

For the pupils, they have always found the Nutrition Program to be user friendly, and they use it from the first term of their GCSE (WJEC Catering) with the help of the exercises in the help folder. Although they find the ‘print screen’ option provides them with better presentation than the ‘export’ function, they appreciate the colourful presentation of the outputs generated and how they can hover over the ‘salt’ and ‘sugar’ etc to see not only where these come from but also the consequences of this in their diets.

They Nutrition Program has also helped a handful of my pupils in evaluating their own diets on a PHSE level and this has impacted on their attendance, engagement and outcomes at School by making simple changes to their diet as it allows them to self-assess their diets rather than being dictated to via a grown up!

Aylsham High School

We have been using the Nutrition Program for many years and it is an essential part of GCSE Controlled Assessment work.  Its easy to use and our students use it well.  We mainly use it for nutritional analysis and for costings and having the selling price facility also is great.


My GCSE Food & Nutrition students along with my 6th Form Btec Sports Nutrition students use the program. They find it easy to navigate around and love the suggested / guideline portion size for each ingredient.

Altrincham College


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