Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE 2016 – exam boards details

Here are links to exam boards and the exams for teaching beginning in 2016. There is a 9-1 grading with 9 the top.

AQA is offering Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE first teaching September 2016 – they are not offering Home Economics Food and Nutrition. Hodder Education and Illuminate are the publishers.

50% Non-exam assessment, and 50% exam assessment.

OCR have developed a pack on Eggs which they are using as teaching aid for 2016. If you would like my version it will be ready soon.

OCR  Food Preparation and Nutrition is available on this link. and student worksheets are available here. Scheme of Work Builder to add in the specification content. There will be a 3 hour practical.

Ths summary brochure is on this link.

WJEC is busy too and their details are here.

One written paper with compulsory questions 50% of mark scheme

Food Preparation and Nutrition in Action NEA – 1 food science investigation 15% and 1 dishes as part of a menu 35%  – a number of briefs will be released annually for each task.

NCFE has a Level 1 Food and Cookery Specification for under 16s. This progresses to NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Food \and Cookery

Jenny Ridgwell

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