Food Teachers Consultation Oct 22nd 2014

The discussion with Louise Davies and Roy Ballam BNF

Louise Davies

2014 D&T Food, Cooking and Nutrition compulsory for first time KS1-3 for all schools following national curriculum

School Food Plan is leading the way

  • Plans for new GCSE to complete this progression from 6-16 years.
  • In June 2014 said Home Economics to be axed
  • Sept 2016 subject consultation till Nov 20th – content framework within which Awarding bodies create the detail.
  • Must be more robust and challenging, OFQUAL reporting on overlapping qualifications for home economics and Catering.
  • Looking at subject content. Not specification. Looking at how it will be assessed.
  • Draws and expands on current food qualifications and puts practical cooking at the heart
  • More scientific knowledge underpinning cooking and preparation.

D&T is one title and students study a broader range of materials.

Some say food technology is not appropriate for revised D&T GCSE

There is concern about current exams – 2014 exam focused on cakes and unhealthy eating – drawing a meringue pie is of concern – something more food specific is needed

The new exam will have a good foundation in food and nutrition knowledge

3 sections

  • Nutrition
  • Food – provenance and choice
  • Cooking and food preparation

The scientific principles underlying cooking

Nutrition – hydration, function and source, cardiovascular disease and health related disease

Primary and secondary processing, culinary traditions, sensory perception, food choices, impact of food and food security on environment

Scientific info – why food is cooked, heat transfer, working characteristics – thickening, microbiology, chemical processes, microbiology, food security, technological developments,

Preparation and cooking – modify recipes lifestyle, choice culinary traditions,

Knife skills, meat, fish, alternatives, fruit and veg, shaping, tenderising,

Know about hob, grill, oven, boiling, steaming, grilling, baking, making sauces

Need clear progression and strands. Creativity – healthy eating, applying to practical content

New things – international cuisines, new assessment strategies


  • demonstrate knowledge and understanding of food cooking and nutrition 25%
  • apply including developing and modifying 30%
  • technical skills 25%
  • analyse 20%

Is it appropriate for today’s young people? Is 50/50 split appropriate?

Longer term issues

Pressures of Ebacc, manageability, provision

If no longer part of D&T? Shift from D&T Food to Cooking and Nutrition.

Food is within the programme of study for ks 1-3

2 consultations – one DfE and one to OFQUAL

Comments that too many skills are suggested.

What will happen to A level – the GCSE will feed into 2017 A level consultation?

Timetabled time – how to fit in?



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