New GCSE Cooking and Nutrition for 2016

A new GCSE in cooking and nutrition will be launched for 2016 to boost the nation’s skills in the kitchen.

Students will study three areas

  • Nutrition
  • Food Provenance and Food Choice
  • Cooking and Food Preparation

‘A new GCSE in cooking and nutrition will be taught in schools from September 2016 alongside the reformed GCSE in design and technology so that pupils studying each subject get the full benefit of demanding, high-quality courses’ School Reform Minister Nick Gibb announced 25th September 2014.
‘At the heart of any food qualification should be a focus on developing practical cookery skills and a strong understanding of nutrition.
That’s why we’ve created the cooking and nutrition GCSE so that rather than designing food packaging, students will now learn the essentials of food science, nutrition and how to cook healthily.

Pupils to get a real understanding of food and nutrition combined with hands on experience of making meals using a range of cooking techniques.  GCSE will test underlying science behind cooking processes.’

The Daily Mail says

The new course will cater mainly for 14 to 16-year-olds and aims to merge key content from the current three GCSEs which cover food or cooking. These are home economics, design and technology with food technology and hospitality and catering, which are expected to be discontinued.

The proposed content for the new GCSE was developed with input from experts including the authors of The School Food Plan.

Henry Dimbleby, the co-founder of Leon and co-author of the plan, said: ‘This qualification is another big step forward for food education in this country following the introduction of cooking as compulsory in the curriculum this term for all children up to the age of 14. It is a serious qualification that will be another step to creating a healthier and happier society.

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