Ofqual consultation on Home Economics and Catering GCSEs

WJEC exam board has said that GCSE Catering and GCSE Home Economics are not on the proposed list for 2017 of continuing GCSEs for England.

Home Economics: Food and Nutrition,Child Development and Textiles have not been mentioned individually only collectively which is a major concern.

This is the  consultation document, and it needs to be completed by July 30th.

DATA has guidance on completing your response on this form.GCSE As and A level Reform – Ofqual consultation – DT Association guidance (2)

They suggest domestic and industrial contexts for new D&T food related qualifications which could include aspects of home economics and catering.

There are currently 53,000 candidates for Catering and Home Economics compared with 44,000 D&T Food Technology

The three subjects (D&T:Food Technology, Home Economics, Catering) each offer unique contexts for the study of specific content. There are some overlaps that we should welcome (eg they all teach about nutrition), but they each have a contribution to food education that is not interchangeable.

The last accreditation for the existing GCSE specifications is 2018, but there is no issue for cohorts starting in September 2014, 2015, 2016 (or 2017 if completing in 1 year).

Please complete the response to the Ofqual consultation to show your support for our valuable subjects!



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