Food Technology GCSE AQA Predicted questions 2014

This is my research from previous year’s papers to help predict 2015 questions.
Ideas for 2015

Sugar Allergens, Nutrition, Using lower fat fats in baking, Modern technology, large scale production – batch mass, continuous flow, GM, nano foods, control checks, CAM
Sections that need covering
Materials and component
s, Functional properties, nutritional properties, combining ingredients, acids and alkalis, standard components, range of skills and methods
Design and Market influences design opportunities, stages of prototype development, labelling, packaging, product info and codes of practice, social, economic etc considerations
Processes and manufacture the use and need of additives, using a range of equipment, storage, large scale production, technological developments – GM


Decorated cakes -methods, techniques and finishes, natural flavours, quality control, hygiene and safety, quantity, what if , natural flavours

Product analysis – traffic light and how it helps, health with too much salt, saturated and unsaturated fat, food products with less than 3 g fat, nutrition of cereal,

Materials and components – sensory testing and sauce making – why stir, starch granules, standard components, profiling test, hygienic taste area,

Producing quality – ways to produce good finish

quality control checks on delivery fresh fish, fruit and veg, frozen ready rolled pastry

which cartons are safe to buy give reasons

equipment why useful – food processor, temperature probe, computer with printer

how to make environmentally friendly choices, packaging
2013 questions
Section A Design context interested in biscuits and special dietary needs
Stages in making investigated quality control checks
CAD questions
Section B
2. Product development and how to improve based on design criteria tests
Describe how to produce quality finish, reduce costs, safe storage conditions
Food labelling – 5 requirements by law
Explain evaluation of product development.
3. Materials and components
Use of ingredients – flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder
Explain shortening effect and standard components and why manufacturers use standard components
4. Quality food products
Problems with things going wrong and explanation – cream, bacteria, apples brown
Good shape and structure in jelly, muffins, icing on cake
How gelling agents work
5. social Explain the terms environmentally friendly, sustainable sources
Fairtrade coffee and why sales have increased – quality of written communication assessed
disadvantage of using fair trade
6. equipment One advantage and one disadvantage of using equipment
temperatures for reheating and storing and how to check temperature
how to use a food probe.
Fridge and freezer storage

2014 Decorated cakes – cake making methods, decorative techniques, natural flavours

2013 questions
Section A – biscuit products for dietary needs – vegetarian, diabetic, coeliac, nut allergy, lactose intolerance, sold in portions, batch production, quality control checks, CAD

Section B product development – pizza with design criteria and improvement, improving quality finish, cost, storage, 5 items by law on food packaging, evaluation,

Materials and components – why ingredients are used, shortening effect, standard components, and why used

How to avoid problems , good shape and structure, gelling agents

what is meant by environmentally friendly, sustainable sources, fairtrade

use of equipment – advantage and disadvantage, reheating, temperature checking, fridge freezer and fridge
2012 questions
Section A eatwell plate and pasta product
how pasta salad does and does not meet eatwell plate.
Design 2 products and explain how they meet the design criteria
Making stages , hygiene and safety checks
Section B
2. Existing products – use for research and using a computer
put ingredients in order of weight what does e mean, manufacturer’s name and address, best before, organic
storage instructions
3. Sensory testing star profile to analyse chocolate cake, fair testing
using ingredients flour, sugar, fats, eggs
4. quality products
using equipment non stick loaf tins, breadmaking machine, quality to batch
preservatives used in food products, modified starches
5. consumer choices
choice of takeaways, advantages and disadvantages,
nutritional value to interpret wholewheat pasta, low fat products, reduce calorie content in savoury rice, discuss religious and cultural needs when designing new products 10 marks
2011 questions
Section A Bread based snacks and savoury dips
Stages and control checks
Questions on nutrition and carbohydrate
Design for diet or culture – dietary needs or cultural needs
Section B
2. Product analysis
Which is the healthy option?
Terms in production – marinade, seal, simmer
Cooked thoroughly – what does it mean?
GDA for chicken and what it means
3. Developing new products
pastry for a product and quantities of ingredients
different fats in pastries, packing products, with reasons for choice
sensory testing and controlled conditions
4. quality food products
Fewer consumers are buying white flour give reasons. Explain why some bakers are using wholemeal flour
describe control checks when dried fruit is delivered.
One example of control check using computer to make scones
explain why computers used for control check
problems – cause and prevention
5. Issues related to food production
egs of food additives
advantages and disadvantages of using food additives
what is meant by organic food, explain why more manufacturers are using it
sustainability is an important issue – adv of locally sourced, seasonal food
6. explain how equipment is used and give reasons

food contamination how it can be prevented in correct use of equipment
safety precautions when using electrical equipment

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