Leona Bruce used the Nutrition Program for dietary research

Leona Bruce, studies BA(Hons) Home Economics (Food Design and Technology) at Liverpool John Moore University – this is her report on her dissertation investigating dietary requirements. She uses the Nutrition Program to support this research.

Leona Bruce

Leona Bruce

I needed to find a nutritional analysis program with a wide range of ingredients to analyse three-day food diaries of people with and without various dietary requirements; these included gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free diets. Having used Liverpool John Moores University’s chosen program called Microdiet (more information at http://www.microdiet.co.uk), I found that there was a very limited range of ingredients, as well as no gluten-free or dairy-free alternatives to regular products.

Nutrition Program was perfect for this reason – it has many different varieties of thousands of ingredients.

I collected 24 three-day food diaries, and using the ‘My Diets’ tab, created a new diet for each individual.

The program allowed me to select the participants’ ages, which allowed for precise nutritional analysis, as GDAs differ depending on the individual’s age.

I then selected each ingredient or product from the ingredients list, and added it to the corresponding day, to then collate and gather nutritional information from. An example of this, is show below. For confidentiality reasons, the participant’s name has been covered.

Screen of research

Screen of research

Screen of research

I used the ‘Nutrition Info’ tab to choose which nutrients I wanted to include in my analysis – with nearly 50 to choose from, I had a large selection.

An average daily intake was created for each individual, and the information from two participants of the same age and gender were compared.

An example of this is shown below, with participant A following a gluten-free diet and participant B having no dietary boundaries.

The Nutrition Program created RNIs, EARs, GDAs and DRVs which corresponded with the participants’ ages and genders, meaning that the comparison of the volunteers’ data was clear and simple.
I found the interface extremely user-friendly, the broad range of ingredients listed is excellent, the nutritional analysis is thorough and customizable, and the website looks fantastic

Thankyou Leona for sharing this research with us – good luck with your degree. Jenny

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