Food for thought Education Fund Scotland Phase 2

Apply for funding by March 28th 2014!

An opportunity to apply for up to £5,000 to work in partnership with local businesses on food education projects, across Curriculum for Excellence, linking to cultural events of 2014.

Education Scotland is committed to improve learning and teaching within food education in Curriculum for Excellence using national initiatives such as the 2014 Commonwealth Games and Homecoming in schools/clusters and professional learning communities in local authorities across Scotland.

Use the Nutrition Program to show how nutritional labelling can help people learn about food and nutrition. You can do some meal and recipe analysis and link with your School Meals. Think about Healthy Schools and healthy school meals and packed lunches!

Nutrition Program

Nutrition Program

This could be your school meals provider and you can use the Nutrition Program to analyse the meals that you make, to see if they meet nutritional guidelines.
Other ideas include investigating how to make a healthy packed lunch and analyse the nutritional results.
Or you might want to link with a local food business and help them invent a new food and supply them with a food label and details of allergens.

Apply for funding from the Food for Thought: Education Fund for your food education – primary establishments, and secondary practitioners from all curricular areas are encouraged to apply.

You can email Kerry Crichton

Schools must identify and work in partnership with a local business to enhance the project and consider how to link the activities to the events of 2014.

Each project will be individual as will the nature of support from the business link.

For more information, contact us on  Download an application form here.

Food for thought blog

Food for Thought

Food for Thought

Food for Thought resource

Excellent resources for food teaching!

The aims of the funding programme are to support practitioners from all curriculum areas to develop and/or build on existing practice in food education, potentially linking to national initiatives, and/or to address one of the following areas:

  • increase the knowledge and skills of staff around food education
  • sustained partnership working within the learning community to enhance food education for children and young people
  • a shared understanding of the progression of learning in food education from early to fourth level
  • assessment approaches, reporting and profiling in food education are developed and shared
  • improving outcomes for learners in ways which seek to eliminate the inequity that currently exists amongst learners from different backgrounds and from particular vulnerable groups
  • exemplars of practice are developed, piloted, evaluated and shared in:
    • IT in Food Education
    • IDL around Food Education
    • Outdoor Learning and Food Education
    • ASL and Food Education.

The overall objective of the fund is to build the capacity and confidence of practitioners to improve learning and teaching across the curriculum in relation to food education, by using relevant cultural contexts such as the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Education Scotland food

Education Scotland food

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