Nutrition Program Design Survey Results

Thankyou to the many people who answered our survey on the new Nutrition Program Design.
If you would like to take part you can find it on this link – one month’s extra subscription is the reward.
Nutrition Survey
Here are some of the results

What subjects use Nutrition Program?

57% Food Technology, 35% Home Economics, 43% Hospitality and Catering, 13% others – Food and Nutrition, Health and Social Care, BTEC Level 3 Health & Social Care Unit 21: Nutrition, Child Development.

What equipment is used?

100% school computers, 71% home computers, 5% ipad, 5% smart phones

What parts of the program do you use?

My Recipes 97%, My Diets 68%, My Meals 42%, Worksheets 24%

What extra things would you like?

Help button for different sections, Nutrition to default to 4, remove redundant foods such as cheese

It would be fantastic if it could do star diagrams.

Should we get a sponsor? 50% Yes, 52% No

Comments – It would help reduced cost and make it cheaper for schools as it is hard to find funding, Only if it made the cost cheaper and was a reputable food company/ producer, I like your seeming impartiality, if you can afford not to, that would be great, Yes if they are an ethical company and don’t  promote foods low in salt, sugar, fats, Would help get the program into the correct hands and raise the profile. But I think it is good value for money, If it makes it cheaper or gets us discounts! Excellent programme and may be too expensive for lots of schools, Exam boards expect the use of such software programs so why not help fund them!, A sponsor may alter the variety of foods currently included in the programme, It would depend very much on who it was. If it was a manufacturer there would inevitably be a slight bias to the content.

What are your views on the Nutrition Program and can we quote them?

I have been using this site for a few years now and love how easy it is to navigate around. It saves a huge amount of work with the cost and nutritional analysis done for you and makes modelling with recipes for cost, portion size and nutrition simple. A very well maintained and designed programme. E Green Jerudong International School, Brunei

I really like using it, it has been developed with the students in mind and is very easy to use and explain to students R Macintyre Notre Dame School

This is an excellent resource especially for my G.C.S.E groups which is very useful for the nutritional analysis of their chosen dishes Dodderhill School

It is an easy to use Program S Ellis Backwell School

Useful tool to enable students to analyse their own diet

It has been great for the GCSE students. C Hall St Peters School

My students like being able to add in recipes, they like finding the cost and making healthier options. S Barlow Epsom and Ewell High

Simple for students some even use to do research for pleasure. F Skelton West Sussex

Works effectively, does what it says on the can! S D Campsmount

Excellent, easy to use program with lots of very useful features for KS3-5. M Walker Ashington High

Brilliant for good quality analysis which makes sense. Make the teaching of nutrition so much easier. D Stennett The Appleton

It has been an excellent tool for Y9, GCSE and A level students which they can access at home as well as school. P Lampard Edgbaston High

They have made explaining the nutrients to less able students more effective and have enabled all students to really stretch their understanding of their recipes. J Postlethwaite Hanham High School

It is easy to use and has a comprehensive list of foods to select from. Stalham High School

It is probably the most user friendly programme used in school but it produces very complex information. A Smith Ormiston Rivers Academy

Excellent. Easy to use and the pupils can access it from home which is great. CBD Bablake School

I think the Nutrition Program is an excellent resource which my pupils have been using for a long time. It’s very user friendly for the pupils and I like that the cost analysis can be done too which no extra work. K Bell Sutton Tuition and Reintegration Service

It’s a useful site, easy enough for my Y6 to use independently. D Loasby Westbourne School

The traffic lighting of the nutrients helps to highlight immediately to the girls what is good or bad about their recipe. S Pollard The Abbey

Excellent program, quick and easy to understand, gives relevant information to the pupils quickly and easily.

Excellent site, updated – keep it simple. RAV Kings Bruton

Very easy to use; student friendly. S Hearn Glebelands

Great program. T Smerdon Blue Coat Church of England School

An easy to use programme which provides up-to-date information about dietary analysis. Without it my top students would not be able to access the higher GCSE grades. C.Brammeier Blue Coat School

Easy for students to follow & allows them to become more independent. D Borland Bohunt School

Easy to use, very quick so saves time for the students – they can then spend more time analysing the data and drawing conclusions. C Wheeler Sawtry Community College

It is an excellent piece of software and so useful with so many foods listed on the site. I have also had to ask for unlisted products to be added in the past and this was done quickly and efficiently.  Sharnbrook Upper School

Really good that it now has the selling price button – which the students use to struggle to calculate and understand the difference with food cost. Sometimes use it as a much do you think we should sell it for?????……..before clicking on the button.. they are sometimes quite surprised at how much more it is!  S Nuttall South Dartmoor Community College

This is the easiest nutritional program I have used and the students find it easy to use too. I Webb Somerset

It would be very difficult to teach Food & Nutrition without it. It is excellent for differentiation. Really gives G&T something to get their teeth into. Northwood College

Excellent. Straight forward to use. J Thomas Darrick Wood

Excellent – Easy to use and students can access work at home Clear presentation of the results. B Wilberforcce The Kings Academy

I find it fantastic for use with GCSE catering. It provides an easy way to analyse recipes and students love using it. John Ross Longendale

Excellent. Easy to use. Covers all sections needed to help with coursework. S Shaw Giles Academy

Very user-friendly, it has made nutritional analysis much more accessible for all our students. Great Baddow High School

A very handy tool for students of all levels to be able to access and use. R Holland Myton School

Good J Pilkington Thomas More Catholic School

Excellent program, easy to use. Informative and clear for all key stages to use. Great for recipe development and comparing healthy alternatives. Highams Park

The Nutrition Program is easy for pupils to use, the costing section is very useful, but would be better if selling cost was displayed rather than having to click a small button at the bottom! I don’t find the teacher part very easy to use – the setting up of passwords and clearing accounts could be much more user friendly. C Hawkins Holmer Green Senior

The Nutrition Program provides a fantastic resource that is easy for students to use. It includes a wide variety of food ingredients. The search on the new programme is excellent as it allows students to look for ingredients high in certain nutrients easily. C Long Hilbre HIgh School

The pupils very quickly find their way around and are producing high quality pieces of work in next to no time. They are very impressed when they see their own work in this standard of presentation. M Mackinnon Argyll Bute

It is straight forward and students of all abilities can access this program. L Hancock Bedminster Down

I like the fact that students can work in class and can continue their learning in their own time. Karen Coull Craigmount High

I think this tool is an excellent way to introduce nutrition to KS3. The KS4 students always use this program to evaluate their dishes and find it straight forward to use. It’s great the way you can input information once and analyse cost and nutrition at the touch of a button. S Gittins Jones The Dean Academy

My students find it easy to use and, after a short time, are able to work independently and with confidence. J Baxter Aylsham High

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