New school food revolution

Politicians, food experts and teachers met on Thursday Oct 10th for The future of school food and children’s nutrition

Guests of Honour: Myles Bremner, Director, School Food Plan and Linda Cregan, Chief Executive, Children’s Food Trust

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This is the report which highlights inspection issues regarding food meals.
Subsidiary guidance supporting the inspection of maintained schools and academies
Inspectors should consider the food on offer at the school and atmosphere of the school canteen.
They should:
 consider how lunch time and the dining space contribute to good behaviour and the culture in the school, including by spending time in the lunch hall, and
 ask school leaders how they help to ensure a healthy lifestyle for their children and, specifically, whether their dietary needs have been considered.

Medical professionals advise the following:

  • A ban on new fast food outlets being located close to schools and colleges
  • A duty on all sugary soft drinks, increasing the price by at least 20%, to be piloted
  • Traffic light food labelling to include calorie information for children and adolescents – with visible calorie indicators for restaurants,  especially fast food outlets
  • A ban on advertising of foods high in saturated fats, sugar and salt before 9pm
  • Existing mandatory food- and nutrient-based standards in England to be statutory in free schools and academies

See the report

The Nutrition Program can analyse meals and give traffic light labelling for adolescents.

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