Is your Packed Lunch healthy? Nutrition challenge

I think that a packed lunch can be healthy – but the newspapers disagree.

Try this test for yourself – use the Nutrition Program to make a healthy packed lunch.

In My Meals section input your Packed lunch choices and see if it meets the nutritional requirements. Our meal data matches the School Meals requirements – see if you can match the 100%.

I’m going to try a lunch made of Cheese and tomato sandwich, orange juice, fruit salad and flapjack.

These are the steps.

1. Choose My Meals, meal name – Packed lunch, choose the age and sex, and ‘lunch’.

My Meals choice

2. Create a recipe in My Recipes that you can add to the packed lunch – for example the sandwich and the fruit salad.

Fruit salad

Fruit salad

3. Add the recipe to My Meals – for example, fruit salad

4. If you are adding a drink or other extras, choose Add foods – in this example, orange juice and flapjacks have been added.

5. Now see how well you have done by clicking Nutrition info. Export Nutrition Data and see the result.

My packed lunch supplies too many calories, too much sugar, fat, saturated fat, so I will make a Healthier version by reducing the amount of butter in the sandwich and see if that works.

Packed lunch analysis

Packed lunch analysis

The prize if you email if  you can get nearly 100% on calories, fat, salt, sugar is a free one month’s subscription.

Free one month's subscription

Free one month’s subscription

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