Liz Tucker works for Select Food

Select Food uses the Nutrition Program and this page shows how they use it for their work.

The company runs a nutritional consultation and services for the food industry.

Liz Tucker is their nutritional and health advisor with extensive work experience in the food industry.

She also has a communications role promoting healthy eating and living to the consumer.


How do you use the Nutrition Program?

I use a very detailed food analysis programme for food labelling but use the Nutrition Program as a back up to double check the figures are about the same

What is the work that you do?

We run a nutrition consultation for the food industry.

How do you use the Nutrition Program for your work?

To carry out the food analysis for food labelling.

What features of the program do you find useful?

We use the menu analysis mostly.

What do you think about the Nutrition Program?

It is very easy to use and also good value.

Thankyou Liz – you can visit the website on this link.

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