Students aged 7-13 to be taught to cook in UK schools

From September 2014 primary school students will be taught basic cooking skills and in secondary schools all pupils will learn to make healthy meals. These proposals have been made in the new draft of the national curriculum. Health experts are concerned that students have little knowledge on how to cook and nutrition and this can lead to rise in childhood obesity and diet related diabetes.

A spokesman for the Department for Education said: “For the first time ever cookery will be a compulsory part of the curriculum from Key Stages 1 to 3. The new design and technology curriculum is about giving pupils the knowledge needed for their daily lives. Given the obesity issues that face our children today, it is vital that they know as much as possible about healthy eating and what constitutes a balanced diet.

“It’s also important that they can develop an interest and understanding of good food. By bringing this into the curriculum, we want to encourage children to develop a love of food and cooking that will stay with them as they grow up.”

The move is part of Government’s strategy to tackle obesity with one in three children being overweight by the age of nine.

A group of cooks and health organisations have a campaign called Averting a recipe for disaster.

The Children’s Food Trust, the National Obesity Forum, and Governments School Food plan and founder of restaurant chain Leon are all involved.

The Department for Education ordered a review into school meals last year led by Henry Dimbleby and Mr Vincent, the co-founders of Leon and this is how the process has developed.

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