GDAs on food labels – now Reference Intake

The Nutrition Program shows GDAs when you create a recipe and food label. We will have to change it to Reference Intake in line with government recommendations.

GDA labelling is being used across the EU. Download  GDA Labels: Improving the food literacy of consumers

GDA labels – how it works

This table shows the GDAs that we use in the Nutrition Program.  The GDA on food labels are based on the average requirements of an adult woman. They are for an average person of healthy weight.

GDAs are shown for a portion and 100g for calories and the seven nutrients – protein, carbohydrate, sugars, fat , saturates, fibre and salt.

Guideline Daily Amount Values
Typical values Women Men Children (5-10 years)
Calories 2,000 kcal 2,500 kcal 1,800 kcal
Protein 45 g 55 g 24 g
Carbohydrate 230 g 300g 220 g
Sugars 90 g 120 g 85 g
Fat 70 g 95 g 70 g
Saturates 20 g 30 g 20 g
Fibre 24 g 24 g 15 g
Salt 6 g 6 g 4 g

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