Nutrition and Olympics

British Triathlon Team learns to cook

Dr Kevin Currell, nutritionist for the British Triathlon team says ‘If you can’t cook you can’t provide yourself with right types of food and nutrients.’
When training the Brownlees brothers their diet became stricter in the build up to the Olympics Games.
Brownlee brothersIn the triathlon you swim, cycle then run. The timing of eating is important and to get the nutrients in they have to eat on the bike. When they are running the blood flow to the intestine is reduced so it is hard to digest food.
A triathlete can do 40 hours training a week so they have high energy demands.

Triathlon meal plan

small bowl of cereal with milk
post swim
large bowl of porridge with milk, raisins, chopped nuts and cinnamon, 2 slices of toast with eggs
bike ride
home made flapjack and 500 ml sports drink per hour of ride
post bike
large plate of steamed rice and chicken with tomato sauce and vegetables
banana or flapjack
after run
500ml milk.1-2 pieces of fruit
salmon, couscous and salad
pre bed
Have a go at analysising this diet on the Nutrition Program

Eating for exercise

The night before exercise eat carbohydrates such as pasta, potato, rice or bread. Have a little protein such as chicken, fish or prawns but avoid lots of fibre.
Vegetarians may need low doses of supplements to give creatine and beta-alanine to help regenerate energy pathways in muscles.
Weigh yourself before and after exercise – if you hve lost more than 2% wieght you have not drunk enough water.
If you exercise in lunchbreak, have a bigger meal at 10 am and eat after exercise. The gut may get distended or you may vomit if you do not change your diet gradually.
Info from Jeni Pearce Head of Performance Nutrition at The English Institute of Sport.

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