Teacher reviews of our new program

Jacqui Waring Fakenham High School

My A level students found the ability to export the recipe sheet was helpful for their coursework .
They found the site easy to navigate and liked the hover over buttons.  They all appreciate the online function as the computers in College are often being used and in some cases slow – so to be able to do at home is a real bonus.
One has an Ipad – uses it all the time – so is pleased he can use that function.

Suzanne Gray
I was one of the original site testers, and I have sung the praises of its uses since  the first time I used it and realised just how user friendly it is. As you know we have used the programme for a lot of cross curricular work and it has many applications. I really didn’t think that it could be improved. It has been.
It is much more user friendly for the students of all ages in secondary school, it gives very clear printouts which will enhance students coursework , and I feel it will develop a greater understanding of the more recent issues looking at childhod obesity.
It enables the student with access to take a better charge of their own nutritional education and develop a much healthier approach to their diet and food intake – it is like having your own personal trainer that can give good sound advice on how to improve by making healthier choices. A very important tool in the nutrition toolbox.
Well done , a great improvement.
Ann Travers
A straight forward and user friendly program which does not take long to master!
Durham County Council
‘It is very refreshing to find such good customer support on a website issue, it is much appreciated by the IT team here and the Teaching staff using the site.

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