The world food problem

Article from The Times August  by Sean Rickard

The world has to produce a lot more food but this means increasing agricultural areas and finding more water.

Securing enough food at affordable prices depended on technology, industrialisation and competition.

If we return to less intensive farming methods, much of the world will be affected by malnutrition and starvation.

We need to grow more food and reduce the water and energy required to do so. Genetic Modification will help provide for these needs.Larger scale farms are more efficient and we need to plan more effectively.

Food wastage

We buy 21.7 million tonnes of food each year. And waste 6.7 million tonnes.

359,000 tonnes of potato are wasted each year – 2 large cargo ships.

45% of salad bought in Britain is thrown away

The average household wastes £420 worth of food each year.

Where we shop for food

Tesco 28%

Sainsburys 16%

Asda 14%

Morrisons 11%

Marks and Spencers 4%

Co-op 4%

Waitrose 3%

Somerfield 3%

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