What does a family eat July 2011?

What goes on in a typical family in Britain? According to research they wake up at 6.57 am and get home at 5.15 pm and go to bed at 10.39 pm. The research was carried out by Alert Me, a home energy management service.

The average family spends £76 a week on groceries, £12 a week on alcohol, and their favourtie entertainment is watching TV.

Families often have the same programme of meals each week. On Mondays they like spaghetti bolognaise, Tuesdays is pasta bake, chicken pie Wednesday, Thursday is cottage pie and Friday is takeaway fish and chips.

Spaghetti Bologniase on Monday.

Spaghetti Bologniase on Monday.

The family usually sits down to dinner at 5.54 pm but only eat together on three nights a week, and eat breakfast together twice.

Mothers do 4 and a half hours of housework each week, including six loads of laundry.

Many families have been affected by the economic downturn and worry about utility bills rising. They reckon the recession has left them with less money in their pocket. Fathers are the most likely to be turning off the lights to save energy.