Menus with calories on dishes

How many calories in a rock cake?

The Sunday Times 8/8/2010 on its front page stated that:

Restaurants will be forced to print menus calculating the calories in their meals under government plans to combat obesity.
Andrew Lansley the health minister is prepared to legislate if they fail to respond.

This is easy to do using the Nutrition Program. The lady running a tea room in Kent is worried about how she will label the calories in her cream teas or Victoria sponge and I told her to look at the trial version and have a go. Easy!

On Radio 4 on Monday 9th August, no-one from the government would substantiate the claim but the interviewees said that some restaurants are doing it without government intervention. People felt that the information would be really useful in making lower calorie choices. In New York where restaurants have to provide calorie information on their dishes, people are choosing grilled chicken over fried chicken.

So watch this space! Jenny Ridgwell

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