How many people use the Nutrition Program?

We’ve been so busy putting new schools on the system, that we’ve not had time to count up how many students can actually use the Nutrition Program.

It adds up to over 80,000 which is a massive number.

What are they using it for? Well, most seem to be really busy with coursework for food technology, home economics and the growing area of hospitality and catering.

We’ve had some Sports colleges coming online too.

Outside the education world we’ve got

  • a small restaurant that calculates the calories in their dishes
  • a cake manufacturer that can supply full nutritional analysis and allergen information

  • a food writer that provides nutrition analysis for recipes for books and magazines
  • a fitness expert that uses it for diet analysis.

So the uses for the program grow – contact us if you can think of new ways we can improve and add things that you want to know.

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